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About The Team

Scott Degenhardt

Scott Degenhardt is no stranger to Coast to Coast, discussing afterlife topics on past shows, as well as other radio, TV, and movie documentaries. Scott currently helps facilitate a team of Mediums (both living and “dead”) that work together to help earth bound spirits find peace, and return Home to the Light. We will share our Team’s work on Paranormal Investigations of Cold and Unsolved cases, using the spirit of the deceased to actually solve them. Team AL (The afterlife Mediums on the other side) are also a key part of our team helping bring through the voices from the other side. Having accumulated so many EVP‘s inspired us to start the YouTube podcast “The EVP Diaries”. Our work can be also found on the Facebook Group “Find’em Peace, Bring’em Home”. Scott’s book “Surviving Death Again” on Kindle is the Owners Manual to the Near-Death Experience and other spiritually transformative experiences.

“What Happens When You Die”  by Scott Degenhardt

“Surviving Death Again” a book by Scott Degenhardt

Leisa Williams

Hi my name is Leisa Williams. Since a young age I have always know that I had a gift. It was made incredibly clear when I became a mother, but I chalked that up to “mothers intuition”.  Late last year I decided to really embrace my gifts,Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience. I surrounded myself with like minded gifted people to help me learn and grow.  I took a beginners mediumship class lead by Cindy Kaza and realized that I should do more with my ability.  A childhood friend and I began the journey to build a team and grow together to help Spirits find peace and help families find comfort with where their loved ones are.  Missing persons and cold cases is where this journey has led me thus far.  I feel blessed to be on this journey with teams from both sides of the veil.

Michelle Pace

Michelle began her journey through the spirit worlds in 2013 with her first experiences with spirit, and 6 years ago began working with a mentor on her journey to becoming a channel for the other side. Since then, she has taken numerous courses to better develop and maintain her abilities. She has been supported by her spirit guides to help provide healing messages and support with her gifts to those who need it, and helps other mediums who discover they are in their own “Awakening.”

She has 27K followers on her TickTok page and now gives private Psychic Readings.

Erica Van Buren Walter

Intuitive medium and animal communicator, Erica is no stranger to the realms of the spirit world or spirituality. Since a young age she’s always had a keen sense of perception and visitors stopping in to give a good spook, or to say hello, or give a message to a loved one. It wasn’t until a cancer diagnosis that she really delved into her spiritual abilities and since then, she has brought clarity and healing to countless people through her oracle readings and communication with their loved ones and pets who have passed on (and pets who are living). Her compassion, love of most things mysterious and unsolved, and fascination with frequency/vibrational work has led her to explore and operate within the world of earth-bound spirits to help transition them Home and elevate our own vibrational frequencies. She endeavors to share all her unique intuitive abilities to help heal one soul at a time. for more information or to schedule a reading.


Team AL – After Life

Contact is made via a K2 meter, SB7 Spirit Box, and digital recorder

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