Our Team currently has multiple cases that are waiting for law enforcement action before we can make public details of their results. We do not want to adversely impact any investigations, nor cause concern for the safety of all involved in a case. Check back periodically for updates when status changes.

Significant UPDATE JD-014 Chrissy July 25, 2022:

With significant sadness and sorrow, Chrissy (Christina) Powell’s body was found today inside her car at a parking lot in Texas. Her car had supposedly been there for some days. More details to be determined. Autopsy is still needed to determine cause of death.

Our team had worked with Chrissy and determined she was in her car somewhere, but we could never get enough clarity of information to give to family or law enforcement. We feel she was driven incapacitated or dead to that location. Autopsy results will either confirm or refute that we feel Chrissy was struck in the back of the head and robbed. We feel there was at least one other person involved in her eventual passing. Hopefully a thorough investigation will put peace here on her circumstances, and we will reach out to help see if she finds peace on the other side.

With much Love from our Team, RIP Chrissy

In the case of JD-002 Susan Cox (Powell), we located what we are positive to be her final resting place. It is a water grave, thus we need underwater metal detectors, possibly diving equipment, and other specialized tools. We need additional equipment and travel to finish that search and bring Susan Home. Please consider going to our donation page to help with this (and all past and future searches).

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