JD-0001 Jodi “Smiles” Huisentruit

Smiles (her earned nickname) is a missing Jane Doe. Her case is still under investigation and extremely sensitive, so her identity will be hidden until, if ever, a legal dig for her body is established. Her case is completely solved and waiting on law enforcement.

She was exceptionally distraught when we first began communications with her. But as we worked with her, she was able to tell us what she needed to say, and even return to her bubbly self (thus earning the nickname Smiles). She has, in fact, already crossed over to the Light, and since returned to help Team AL as the Team Leader.

Smiles was our first case using our Team. She quickly learned how to communicate well with our Team on this side of the veil. We asked if she was willing to find our second Jane Doe (JD-002 Susan Cox (Powell)) and teach Susan how to talk to us. This worked well, and Smiles and Susan worked together to create our afterlife team.

If there is ever a change of status in this case, we will certainly issue a Press Release. Until then Smiles’s case will remain anonymous.

Interesting profile done on Findjodi.com podcast by a retired FBI profiler Julia Cowley which matches well to our 10 year investigation:

Podcast 031: Retired FBI Profiler Julia Cowley provides insight and analysis of Jodi’s case

Julia Cowley discusses Profiling Concepts on her True Crime podcast:


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